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Elinchrom D-Lite 4 it Kit

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D-Lite it compact flashes are the entry into the world of Elinchrom lighting with top technology. The "it" stands for Intelligent Triggering! The outfit contains two D-Lites it 4 (400 ws), two Portalite softboxes 66 x 66 cm. In addition each set contains one EL-Skyport ECO Transmitter, to trigger flashes without cable. Ideal for home, semi-professional use, ultra portable (e.g. car boot / trunk set).

Cable free flash triggering!The EL-Skyport Receiver is built-in and triggers flashes wireless from the camera with the brand new EL-Skyport ECO Transmitter.  The ECO Transmitter is an optional item for single units, but it is part of the three new "D-Lite-it" TO GO Sets. 

D-Lite-it What’s NEW - Added Values

  • EL-Skyport Receiver built-in for triggering and Frequency Channel settings
  • EL-Skyport with 4 Frequency Channels, compatible with the ELS Transmitter and ECO Transmitter
  • EL-Skyport with 4 Groups, available with the EL Skyport Transmitter 
  • EL-Skyport Speed Sync Mode, for fast synchronisation up to 1/250 s, compatible with the ECO
  • Red Eye pre-flash management system
  • New housing re-design, robust, function and elegance in one go
  • New reflector bayonet with speed locking, accepts Rotalux softboxes up to 135 cm
  • New larger, rubberised handle with spare fuse storage
  • New pro stand bracket
D-Lite it Facts
  • Cooling Fan
  • Plug-In flash tube, user replaceable
  • Integral reflector, designed to maximise power efficiency combined with our plug-in omega flashtube precisely positioned avoids the inherent uneven illumination produced by non–concentric or U-shaped flashtubes.
  • Elinchrom Reflector Bayonet, fits EL-Accessories
  • Digital Controls
  • Sensitive Photocell
  • Compatible with EL-Skyport Universal
  • Low 5V Sync voltage protects cameras
  • Norm conform for your security
Use Elinchrom D-Lite it to start your lighting experience.
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