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This time around we have Sean Meade. Sean is an amazing wildlife photographer specialising in local Irish wildlife. He shoots with Nikon and Sigma equipment with the majority of his amazing photos being shot in the Drogheda locality. With a big following on YouTube Sean is one to watch of the future.

Give him a follow while you are on his socials. So here we go......

To Start... How did you get into photography?

I have always enjoyed being creative and obsessed with the outdoors. Wildlife has always fascinated me, using my camera to capture and showcase our amazing wildlife in a creative way is why I started photography.

Is there any one particular persons work that has influenced you most?

When I started Wildlife Photography I came across Morten Hilmer online, his work blew me away. I love his ability to capture and integrate his subjects into their natural environments in his Images

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

'Comparison is the thief of joy' - When I started Wildlife Photography I had a horrible habit comparing my images against other I seen online. I wish I knew to enjoy the process and learn from mistakes and advise when I started.

What gear do you use and why?

I have a lot of gear in my bag, but my most used set-up is simple:

Nikon Z6 II (Camera)

I used this camera as its mirrorless and I can utilise the silent shutter.

Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary (Lens)

This lens allows me to shot from 150mm to 600mm, this is very important when out in the field as you never know what you will come across.

Have you a favourite lens (or ‘lenses’)?

Definitely the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary 

Using this Lens at 600mm allows me to completely isolate my subjects from their background. I enjoy this style of photography especially photography small birds.

This lens allows me to shot from 150mm to 600mm, when photographing subjects around 150mm I can then integrate subjects & environment into images.

Do you take any essential items other than a camera and lens on a shoot with you?

Spare Batteries

Spare Memory Cards

Spare Camera Body (Nikon D7500)

Black Bags (incase I need to waterproof my gear)

Have you got any 'favourite' settings?

Depending on weather, location or if I'm static or moving these things will determine what my camera settings are.

If I'm working from a Hide I normally shoot in manual, but if I'm walking in the woods or in an open field I'II shoot in Aperture Priority as I will need to be quick.

What do you use for post-processing and what’s your workflow like?

I use Photoshop to post process my Raw Images.

My workflow is normally:

Exposure correction

White Balance

Noise Reduction



Have you a favourite photo and if so why is it your favourite?

My favourite image I took is one of my first. An image of a Female Red Deer in late Spring hiding in a hay field.

It's my favourite image as I was able to sneak up on this deer from 500 meters and capture the shock on her face as she looked down the lens. The image has a nice clean foreground and background and everytime I look at the image it brings me back to that experience.

Any final words of advice or wisdom?.

Im still learning and enjoying the process, but if I could give any advice it would be not to put pressure on yourself to produce the perfect images. Enjoy the process and learn the basics.


If you would like to contact Sean or talk to him about an upcoming shoot or purchasing a print you can contact him through his website below.
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Adrian McCarthy

Adrian McCarthy

Hi, I never realised we had such a diverse range of wildlife right here on our doorsteps. And it’s great that a photographer of Sean’s calibre is here to capture and record it for us. Thanks.

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