Camera sales are a massive part of our business. We sell from the most basic compact cameras (from around 90) up to full professional cameras costing up to 7000. Compact cameras from very basic to high end offering full manual control and professional features. Digital SLR cameras from entry level to full on professional bodies offering a wide range of features like built in GPS, remote Wi-Fi Control and up to 16 frames (photos) per second. A lot of these cameras also now offer 4K or full HD video recording. As well as cameras we stock a massive range of dedicated lens in a variety of focal lengths and angles from extreme wide angle to massive telephoto lens costing over 13000. Brands include Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm,, Sigma and Samyang.

We hold a large range of accessories for all of the cameras and lens that we stock. These include tripods, bags, filters, remote triggers, batteries, chargers and many other items.

As a whole we are here to help. As working professionals we feel our knowledge is a vital part of our business model. We pride ourselves on being here for our customers when in need of help be it technical or otherwise. From camera help to print solutions and even software and mobile advice. We have a passion for cameras and photography. We like to share our ideas and knowledge with others.


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