We carry out general ordinary lab printing from small 5x3.5inch prints to large 18x12inch posters ready within minutes. We also provide a large format printing service (up to 24 inches wide) where we can print on a variety of papers and canvas. We regularly print for camera clubs, professional photographers, exhibitions and corporate clients. Our printers are colour calibrated every day to ensure colour accuracy and quality. We also offer a copying and retouching service with a quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

Gifting is another side of our business. As part of this we can produce mugs, savings boxes, tee shirts, mouse mats, coasters, placemats, photo blocks, pencil cases, cards, calendars etc etc.

We also stock a huge range of frames from small simple metal versions to elaborate multi aperture and large format Irish made timber frames. Photoblocks are also a very popular option to enhance the beauty of your prints.

To print your photos, download our Fujifilm Imagine Ireland App or visit our Fujilim Imagine Ireland Webpage.


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