Write down those photo ideas.

With the ever-increasingly busy lifestyle that we all live we all rely heavily on our smart devices to help us through our days. One of the issues I personally have is that I have a head like a sieve…! I’m often walking along listening to my music, or driving along looking out the window, daydreaming, when suddenly, in jumps an idea for a photograph into my head. Pretty soon after that the idea jumps right back out again.

An idea is to keep a small notepad with you at all times and when those fleeting ideas entered your head just jot them down. But who has a notepad with them these days? A much easier way is to quickly type them into your Notes app on your phone. You can now even add a quick sketch or image to that note to further help you remember! Have your notes sync to the cloud and sync across all your devices and you have no excuse anymore for forgetting those ideas!

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