Canon MT-26EX-RT Macro Twin Lite Speedlite

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Light up the world of macro with a highly adaptable twin flash capable of powerful and creative illumination. A powerful and adaptable macro twin flash for superbly lit close-up photographs.

Capture macro and close-up images full of detail thanks to a powerful, precise and highly flexible twin flash system that recycles quickly and silently for the creative lighting of small subjects where maximum control over light power and direction is essential.

Twin flash with fast recycling

Both flashes can be individually positioned on the ring and altered to suit the subject. Each is removable with sockets for mounting to external supports such as tripods or lighting stands.

High-brightness white LEDs

With adjustable brightness to allow easier focusing and modelling before the flash is fired, the focusing lamps can be turned on by a double depression of the camera shutter button.

Optical and Radio Wireless control

Use the flash as the sender unit and operate other Speedlites remotely using either optical or radio wireless control.

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