Cullmann Mundo 522T Tripod

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Compact in size, low weight, high stability, everything a tripod should have, so that you can take it wherever you go, the MUNDO 522 is the:always-at-hand-tripod. It is the ideal travel tripod and fits into any backpack, ideal for intensive city tours or long mountain hiking trips, for modern CSC-cameras as well as for light DSLR-equipment. Due to the use of high-quality materials, such as CNC-processed aluminium parts and anodized tripod legs and centre column, the MUNDO 522 T has a weight of only 1160 grams, but still provides a stable base for ambitious shootings. Despite the small packing dimension of only 31.5 cm it has a working height of 135,5 cm when fully extended and, with the camera mounted, ensures a convenient viewing height. Convenient and quick to operate quick release fittings on the tripod legs as well as the 2-times extendable centre column. The 3-fold angular adjustment of the tripod legs, including macro position, is standard in the entire MUNDO tripod world. The scope of delivery includes a short centre column, especially for ground level macro shooting. The mounted ball head with integrated camera QRC is completely made of aluminium and anodized to protect against scratches and environmental influences. With its load bearing capacity of 5.0 kg the MUNDO 522 T and TC is particularly suitable for modern CSC -cameras, but also for light DSLR cameras with compact lenses. And, above all, each MUNDO tripod is covered by a 10 year warranty

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