Nikon SB-300 Speedlight Flash

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Versatile, easy-to-use Speedlight, compatible with Nikon D-SLRs and COOLPIX cameras equipped with an accessory shoe. Ideal for novice photographers, this compact and lightweight external flash unit is a handy way to control the quality and direction of light for creative, beautifully lit images.

The unit attaches easily to the camera's accessory shoe and can be tilted up to 120°. Diffuse or soften light by 'bouncing' the flash off the ceiling. Use it to add impact to daylight images, enhance twilight shots or expose subject detail even in tough backlit situations.

Portable flash unit: The ideal piece of kit to have at hand when you need more light, or want to add a creative touch to your images. i-TTL compatible.

Compatible with Nikon D-SLRs and COOLPIX cameras equipped with an accessory shoe.

Versatile coverage: A guide number of 18/59 (m/ft at ISO 100) lets you illuminate distant subjects even in low-light conditions.

Direct the light: The flash head tilts up to 120°, giving you the freedom to angle the light just the way you want. Get creative with shots by ‘bouncing’ the flash off the ceiling or walls.

Easy operation: Simple to operate, the unit attaches directly to the camera’s accessory shoe.

Thermal cut out function: Prevents damage to the flash due to overheating during high-intensity firing.

AAA-size batteries: Powered by two AAA-size batteries, which are readily available across the world.

Firmware is updatable via the camera body.

Electronic constructionAutomatic Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and series circuitryGuide number (20C/68F)18/59 (ISO 100, m/ft)Angle of illuminationCovers angle of view of 27 mm lens (FX format) or 18 mm lens (DX format)Effective flash range (i-TTL)0.6 m to 20 m (2 ft to 66 ft); varies with ISO sensitivity, bounce angle, and apertureOptions available using camera controlsFlash control mode: i-TTL, manual; Flash mode: Fill flash (front-curtain sync), front-curtain with slow sync, rearcurtain sync, and rear-curtain with slow syncBounce angleFlash rotates vertically up to 120 with stops where the flash is pointing directly ahead and at 60, 75, 90, and 120Device on/offPower switch used to turn SB-300 on and offPower sourceTwo AAA alkaline or NiMH batteriesFlash-ready lightCharging complete: Lights; Warning: BlinksFlash durationLights for about 1/1650 s when fired at full powerBattery endurance and flash recycling timeAlkaline : Approx. 4.0 s (minimum recycling time ), 70 or more uses / 4.0 - 30 s (endurance / recycling time); NiMH : Approx. 3.5 s (minimum recycling time ), 110 or more uses / 3.5 - 30 s (endurance / recycling timeMounting foot lock leverLocking pin prevents accidental detachmentOther optionsThermal cut-out, firmware updateDimensions (W x H x D)Approx. 57.4 x 65.4 x 62.3 mm (2.3 x 2.6 x 2.5 in.)WeightApprox. 120 g (4.2 oz), including two AAA alkaline batteries; Approx. 97 g (3.4 oz), body onlySupplied accessoriesSoft Case SS-DC1

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