Cleaning your lens with care

A few tips for cleaning your lens with care.

To get the best out your equipment for years to come, it's best to keep it in tip top shape, and one of the best ways to do this is to regularly clean it. This not only extends the life of your equipment, but can stop rogue specks of dirt from damaging the case or scratching expensive lenses. It's worth investing in a few small pieces of necessary cleaning equipment to do the job properly. Try and keep these pieces wrapped up and away from any other camera equipment to keep it clean for next time and optimal cleaning. Only clean when absolutely necessary and use the steps below to clean the rear lens, caps and filters.

  • Step 1 - clear debris or dust using a blower. Get yourself a proper camera blower to avoid blowing more debris on from cheaper models.
  • Step 2 - use a lens brush to brush away any leftover dust. These small handheld camel hair brushes will clear away any leftover debris and dust. 
  • Step 3 - use a good microfibre cloth (we sell nice Lee cleaning clothes here in the shop) to gently wipe the lens to clear any smears or fingerprints. If you need to use a liquid camera lens cleaner, ensure you use one or two drops, and apply to the cloth first, rather than straight onto the lens. Avoid using regular tissues or cloths as they can make the problem worse, or scratch the lens.

To finish. Its is also advisable every now and again to gently clean the mount part of the lens. Also clean the lens contacts, as over time, if they get dirty or corroded they can cause lens errors with your camera body.


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