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Continuing with our new series of 'Focus on the Photographer'. In this series we will interview and chat with various photographers from full time professionals photographers, hobbyists and maybe even people involved in the photography industry.

Up this week is Paul Connor. Paul is long term customer of ours here at Mahers Photographic. He is a professional wedding photographer and also shoots press/journalistic photography. You will see his work weekly in the Drogheda Independent as well as many other publications. Check out his websites and social profiles below.

Give him a follow while you are there. So here we go......

To Start... How did you get into photography?
I always had an admiration and love of good photos and I wanted to know how to do it. First step for me was to do the beginners course with Drogheda Photographic Club. I loved the course and soon hit the ground running with a second hand Canon EOS 500N.

Is there any one particular persons work that has influenced you most?
Not really no. I’m not the type of person who follows famous photographers.


What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?
It’s impossible to know it all when starting out. I’m always learning. There was loads I hadn’t a clue of when I started taking pics. Experience brings it all together.

What gear do you use and why?
I use Canon. Why? Because the first camera I ever bought was a second hand Canon. Once you start with a brand you’re on the hook with them for the rest of your life - unless you’re willing to change all your gear at the same time. I have a pair of 1Dx mk II's and several L series lenses.

Have you a favourite lens (or ‘lenses’)?
I love my Canon 70-200 2.8 L, it’s the second generation version. The image quality from it is fab, it’s my go to lens at weddings. I might use the Canon 24-70 more often but that’s just because of the focal length.

Is there one piece of camera equipment you wish you hadn’t bought or never use? Why?
I have items that I rarely use. Like my 12-24 fish eye lens, but I don’t have anything that I regret buying. As photography is my living I eventually have a use for everything in the bag.

Do you take any essential items other than a camera and lens on a shoot with you?
Wet gear! Both for me and the camera equipment. I invested in the good Aquashield covers some years ago. They’re an essential item, I have no worries about the rain with those covers on.

Have you got any 'favourite' settings?
I love a big aperture!

What do you use for post-processing and what’s your workflow like?
I use Photoshop and Lightroom. Sometimes I have to put the head down and get stuck into the work on the computer, clients don’t like to be kept waiting.

Have you a favourite photo and if so why is it your favourite?
I don’t really have a favourite photo, I love catching a good shot, I find myself pausing and studying it for too long.

Any final words of advice or wisdom?
Get out and shoot. Take plenty of shots, try things - they might not always work but you’ll learn from your mistakes.

If you would like to hire Paul or talk to him about your upcoming wedding his contact details are below.

Phone Number: 086 3847371
Email Address:



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